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What’s A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a solid protective layer that prevents your vehicle from swirls and minor scratches in Miami’s weather, not to mention its extreme heat resistance properties. Think of ceramic coating as a layer of protection superior to wax or sealants.

Once it dries, it becomes a hard long-term paint protection, that strongly resists contaminations. Coatings have self-cleaning properties making it easy to fight rain acid, dirt, UV, chemicals, bird droppings and whatever else the universe throws at your car.

If the idea of reapplying wax to your car every three months doesn’t sound appealing, then this is exactly what you need. With its fantastic hydrophobic properties you’ll see your car repelling water like never before.

The Benefits Of A Ceramic Coating in Miami

Plenty of coating companies make bold claims about their products, and while there’s some truth to what they say, I prefer to keep things grounded and not exaggerate.

Here’s what you can genuinely expect from a ceramic coating application in Miami:

Lasting Toughness: When applied correctly, a coating can genuinely protect your vehicle for a while (1-9 years).

One and Done: You won’t need to keep reapplying it like you would with other methods. One application is all it takes for long-lasting effects.

Stunning Shine: The level of shine and depth that coatings brings out is unmatched.

Water Repellent Properties: Thanks to the impressive hydrophobic elements of ceramic coatings, your car will stay cleaner for longer periods of time.

*The Preparation*

But here’s the deal: before paint coatings go on we as professional recommend your vehicle to undergo our Paint Correction services in Miami. Skipping this step means you’re missing out on the full range of benefits that the coating promises.

This is where having a skilled ceramic coating installer in Miami comes into play. If it’s not done right, you’ll end up with annoying smudges all over your vehicle – these are what we call “high spots.” They happen when the coating isn’t applied properly and just sits there drying for way too long.

Here’s the thing about installation: the tougher the coating (say, a 9-year vs. a 1-year option), the trickier the process. Keep in mind, Mother Nature has her say too – weather conditions play a big role in how this all comes together.

Starting Prices

Price is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Price

$ 400 - 700
  • 3 Year Protection

Glass Coating

$ 250 – 400
  • 2 Year Protection

(Disclaimer: The prices above pertain solely to ceramic coating application. For optimal results, we strongly recommend our Paint Correction service before coating).

Common Myths About Ceramic Coatings

Absolutely, ceramic in Miami coatings offer impressive durability, but they’re not invincible armor for your vehicle. It’s vital to understand their limits.

Coatings resist light swirls and scratches from proper washing and drying. However, they won’t prevent deeper scratches caused by negligence or dragging rough objects.

Remember, a ceramic coating won’t shield your paint from rock chips – that’s where paint protection film (PPF) comes in.

Maintenance is key. Just like anything valuable, neglecting care will lead to gradual deterioration. Regular proper washing, drying, and occasional maintenance boosts are essential for the longevity of any ceramic coating application.

Even a 6-year coating can degrade by year 3 without proper care.

Ceramic Coating