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Have you observed a cloudy or hazy appearance in your headlights? Perhaps you’ve experienced reduced visibility during nighttime drives or rainy weather, especially if you’re in Miami. The good news is, you don’t need to invest in new headlights or attempt to disassemble the lens (contrary to popular belief that the haziness is an internal issue, it usually isn’t).

Optimal Headlight Restoration Process

1 Sanding headlights with 800 grit

In the first sanding round, we remove oxidation, producing noticeable slurry.

2 Sanding headlights with 1,000 grit

As we move up the process, we remove less oxidization. The focus now is to refine the sanding marks.

3 sanding headlights with 1,500 grit

You can start noticing the major improvement.

4 Sanding headlights with 2,500 grit

5 Sanding headlights with 3,000 grit

Final step and the headlight is looking much better. now its ready to compound.

6 Compound the headlights

Using a polisher, cutting compound and a cutting pad we’ll remove the sand marks

7 Polish the headlights

To achieve utmost clarity, we conclude with a gentle polish and polishing pad, refining the cutting step.


8 Protect the headlights

For protection, we’ll apply a 6-months sealant.

Simple Pricing

Price may vary based on size and condition of headlights.

Headlight restoration
Headlight restoration