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At Unick Auto Detailing, we proudly stand as the foremost experts in mobile car detailing throughout Kendall and its surrounding areas. We have solidified our reputation as the premier choice for automotive care with our unmatched commitment to excellence.

Our team of highly trained and dedicated car detailing professionals have set the industry standard. Our team is consistently transforming vehicles into immaculate works of art on wheels. What truly sets us apart as the best car detailing in Kendall is our unrelenting passion for our craft, an uncompromising eye for detail, and a commitment to using only the highest-quality products and tools.

Whether your vehicle requires a comprehensive interior rejuvenation, an impeccable exterior shine, or a complete restoration, we approach every job with unwavering precision and dedication. No need to leave your home in Kendall for our exceptional detailing services.

car detailing kendall
car detailing kendall

Popular Mobile Car Detailing Service For Kendall, FL

Our highly trained technicians will remove 70-90% of stains from your carpets, seats, and headliner. This is by far one of our clients favorites!

This service is a quick yet effective way to clean and protect a vehicle’s exterior. You can expect a 3-6 month protection on your vehicles paint. Miami’s weather conditions can be very harsh on your cars paint. Therefor, if your looking for a short term protection option this package would be ideal.

Paint correction is a specialized detailing process aimed at restoring a vehicle’s paintwork by removing imperfections like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. Using abrasive compounds and polishing techniques, paint correction enhances the clarity and shine of the paint, leaving it looking smooth, glossy, and blemish-free.

we offer 2-9 years coatings. For those who don’t know what a ceramic coating is let us enlighten you.
Ceramic coating is like giving your car a superpower cloak that shields it from natural elements. Dirt, UV rays, and scratches won’t be a problem for your vehicles paint anymore. Coatings make you car look as sleek and invincible as a superhero’s ride. It’s the secret sauce to keeping your vehicle shiny and untouched, without the need for constant waxing or expensive spa days. Lets not forget it has self cleaning properties as well.

Top Rated Mobile Detailing In Kendall Fl

In Kendall, where your car’s appearance matters as much as its performance, Unick Auto Detailing goes above and beyond to provide services that truly stand out. Our specialties car detailing services include professional paint correction and cutting-edge ceramic coating applications, all available right at your Kendall home.

With our mobile car detailing services, we bring these premium solutions straight to your doorstep in Kendall. We make your car care convenient, efficient, and, most importantly, unmatched in quality.

Choose Unick Auto Detailing for an elevated mobile car detailing experience in Kendall.

Don’t just settle for car detailing – elevate your experience with our Personal Concierge Service today!