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Auto Detailing Services Offered In Miami Shores

Car Detailing Miami Shores
Ceramic Coating:

Our team specializes in Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction. If you want to take your cars protection and appearance to the next level don’t hesitate and start a quote now! ceramic coating Miami Shores

Paint Correction:

Are your tired of the swirls and micro scratches in your paint that doesn’t let your car shine and look clean like when your first bought it? This service is for you! with our polishing techniques we can take your paint back to new. Paint Correction Miami Shores

Wash And Wax:

Want to protect your cars paint but a Ceramic Coating is out of your budget? with our premium wax your car will be looking smooth, shiny and protected! carwash near me

Premium Interior Detail:

Say bye to the ugly stains ruining the interior of your car, with our shampoo and premium products we will be able to remove 80-100% of the tough stains. car

We Can Service You At Your Home, Office or Desired Location in Miami Shores

Our van is equipped with everything necessary to provide you with top-notch car detailing services in Miami Shores, offering a range of services from ceramic coatings to standard detail cleaning.

Our highly skilled team is fully prepared to deliver a hassle-free experience; all we need are your keys, and we’re ready to get to work. With years of experience, Unick Auto Detailing guarantees exceptional results and your complete satisfaction.

Unick Auto Detailing is the top car detailing company in Miami due to our unwavering commitment to punctuality and exceptional customer service. We arrive on time, deliver meticulous detailing with a keen eye for detail, and prioritize open communication to meet your unique needs.

Our convenient mobile service, use of high-quality products and equipment, and a track record of satisfied customers underscore our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Car Detailing Miami Shores