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Get your vehicle professionally cleaned and detailed in Tamiami with Unick Auto Detailing’s premium mobile services.

Contact us via call, text, or email, and we’ll schedule a convenient appointment at your location. Sit back and relax as we take care of the job!

Our team is fully equipped to provide you with the best car detailing services in Tamiami.

Premium Detailing Services We Offer In The Tamiami FL

Here’s a list of some of the most popular mobile auto detailing service we offer:

Ceramic coating is a specialized shield applied to various surfaces, such as automobiles or household objects, to bolster their longevity and visual appeal. Formulated with microscopic ceramic particles, it establishes a robust and water–repelling barrier, deterring grime, moisture, and sun damage, thereby decreasing the necessity for frequent upkeep while safeguarding the underlying material’s look and structural integrity.

A paint correction service is a skilled process to rejuvenate a vehicle’s paint finish. Technicians use specialized techniques to eliminate imperfections, like scratches and swirl marks, resulting in a smoother and more vibrant appearance. It’s the go-to solution for enhancing a car’s overall look and shine.

Our aim is to restore your interior to a like-new condition. While it’s not possible to eliminate every single stain or blemish, you’ll notice a significant improvement based on the condition. Check out our results to see the difference we can make.

Tired of scratches and swirls on your car after using drive-in car washes in Tamiami? Opt for our hand-washing service instead. We provide the best care for your car’s exterior, avoiding any damage caused by automated machines.

provides a thorough maintenance clean for your vehicle. With Unick Auto Detailing, you’ll receive the best high-quality service in Tamiami to keep your car looking and feeling its best.

Add shine and protection to your vehicle’s exterior with our Wash and Wax service. It includes our Premium Wash, clay bar and iron decontamination treatment for a smooth paint surface, and a high-quality wax application for enhanced shine and protection.
Car Detailing Tamiami
Car Detailing Tamiami

Tamiami Mobile Detailing Service At Your Door!

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Professional Detailers Ready To Take Care of Your Car in Tamiami

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Wash and Wax FAQ: Learn more about our Wash and Wax service.

VIP Exterior Wash FAQ: Learn more about our VIP Exterior wash service.